Why buy from us.

Making a purchase from the foundations store can be a simple as needing explainer oral cancer brochures for your patient waiting room, or as a patient wanting to wear a T-shirt that speaks to your experience when you wear it out in the world. All purchases help fund the OCF initiatives, and further our ability to impact the disease we represent. We are constantly adding new items to the store. Customarily orders are processed and shipped with in two working days of receipt. Please note that the least expensive means we have to ship to you costs us $9.99 at the USPS post office. We do not mark up or make anything on shipping. Buying multiple items still ships for the same amount. So please keep that in mind.

But there is something else that happens when you wear a button or pin from us, an OCF oral cancer wristband, or wear a branded OCF T-shirt. You become part of a larger community. OCF is supported by and serves a large population of patients, caregivers, RDH’s and dental professionals engaged in early discovery, ENT professionals, oncology treatment professionals, researchers, and hundreds of volunteers and advocates. You become part of something bigger than any individual or even OCF itself.  Part of the greater OCF family. We welcome you, and thank you for your purchases and support.