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OCF T Shirt (Foundation mascot dog "Survivor")

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This is the original patient shirt from OCF that we started making in 2002. It’s now in its 8th run at the silk-screening shop. Because it was the first, we have kept the original legacy OCF logo on the breast pocket area, even though it has been many years since that was our official trademark. It’s just a piece of history that reminds us how far we have come. But the shirts popularity has outdistanced any other we have printed, there is no denying that. The famous Mark Twain quote resonates with patients and their family of supporters. Cancer often seems huge and insurmountable, and we as patients small in comparison to the task at hand of getting through treatments. But attitude and perseverance have a great deal to do with survival. It’s as much of a mental challenge as it is about treatments and science.

Today you can own one of what will be our last run of these shirts, before two decades after its introduction, it is retired. For only $12.50 you can show that the size of your “fight” will dominate the outcome, no matter your actual size, physical strengths, or appearance.

The OCF mascot dog, whose tags clearly show his name, (a name you will one day share with him), in limited remaining sizes in stock.