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Virtual OCF Fundraiser T-Shirt

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The year 2020 is burned into our collective memories. It was the year a virus changed all of our lives, some very painfully. It was a year when cancer that kills 660,000 Americans a year, took back stage to Covid. It was a year that to keep cancer research funded, cancer patients supported, and continued advocacy work occurring, everything became “Virtual” efforts; all of us working from home for our common cause.

The foundations inaugural virtual walk events were launched in 2020, and the OCF community came together then and in 2021, and now in 2022, to walk at home, to help raise funding, and to show the world that the virus was not going to leave our cancer without support. We are so proud and grateful for all those who have continued to participate, wear our shirts, post pictures of themselves on social media walking, running, or peddling stationary bikes at home in their virtual event T-shirt. The OCF community remained undeterred from their desire to continue keep the oral cancer community vibrant and financially empowered.

This is the shirt. We all wear it in solidarity. While some outdoor walks have happened, in other areas virtual is still necessary. You can still be part of the ongoing effort, in your neighborhood, or on a trail outside of town. Socially distanced, but part of a bigger idea and OCF community.