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Check Your Mouth Kit

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Self examination for oral cancer is possible, and we recommend that everyone does this at least once a month. While you may get screened at your dental office annually, that leaves a great deal of time between visits when something could occur. When something abnormal is found, self referral to your dental or ENT professional for a determination of what the issue is can be done.

OCF has a simple online video that quickly teaches you what to look for so you can easily find suspect areas in your mouth. That video can be viewed at But it does take the proper tools to do this properly and easily.

ThroatScope Light/Tongue Blade - Illumination is critical to be able to see any subtle changes in your mouth. The Throat Scope used in the demonstration video, is an ideal tool to not only illuminate all aspects of the inside of your mouth, but may also be used to depress the tongue and move the tongue, to view normally hard to see areas of your mouth. Because of its length, it is also ideal for illuminating the very back of your mouth (oropharynx) to easily visualize the tonsils where problems frequently occur. It comes with two, clear light-transmitting tongue blades, which may be used, then washed afterwards, allowing repeated use and a long lifetime of utility. If you are a professional doing screenings, the detachable tongue blades are disposable and inexpensive. Please contact the foundation to purchase them in boxes of 50 disposable blades.

OCF Mirror - This is a small hand-held compact mirror, which allows you to easily view the interior of your mouth while using the ThroatScope. Some people may be able to get close enough to their bathroom mirror where this is not essential or have a hand-held mirror from another source, which you can use, but this one easily stores in your bathroom medicine cabinet, along with your ThroatScope.

  • Kit Includes:
    • 1 Throat Scope Light with 2 clear, tongue blades
    • 1 OCF Branded Pocket Mirror