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Support for Oral Cancer Patients brochure

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This is an 8-panel brochure that describes the OCF online support group. It is ideal for treatment facilities to give out to patients allowing them to understand and navigate to the main OCF web informational site and to the OCF online support group. At the time of this writing 2022, the support group has about 12,500 registered users and is the oldest interactive forum on the web for our cancer type. It was started in 2002 long before there was social media, and when support groups were limited to face to face small group, mostly at treatment facilities. The group is monitored by both long- term survivors and in the background by treatment professionals. It is still a trusted resource after 20 years of existence.

Peer to peer support when properly overseen, is a valuable mechanism of helping patients get through treatments and the complications that often arise afterwards. Unlike support groups that have sprung up on Facebook and social media elsewhere, this is a safe environment that is totally private and anonymous, completely free and hosted on OCF’s own encrypted servers, and where no data is collected about participants. Even OCF only knows the screen names that people the group use. In this environment there is no one that will be trying to sell them any ideas or products, and no advertising is allowed. The foundation does not allow the discussion of alternative treatments that fall outside the range of normal standards of care or clinical trial environments. We do allow the discussion of complimentary adjunctive ideas.

These brochures are available to any treatment center, or group that is looking to see their population of patients get vetted, safe information in a free interactive way. They are provided at no charge to institutions that request them directly, not to private individuals.