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I Had One Button

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If there was a simple way a dental practice could accomplish two important things, this is it.  After a patient has had an oral cancer screening in your practice, you pin them before they leave with an I had one button. When they wear that out into the world, it’s inevitable that a coworker, friend, a barista at their coffee stop, is going to ask them what that means….what did you have?

When they reply that they had an oral cancer screening at your office, they may be telling that person about a cancer the other person has never even heard of. In America today that is very likely, as this cancer is under the awareness radar of most of the population. It might also be likely that they want to know who and where they got that done…. Does that make them likely to come visit your practice for this new thing? Something that their dental professional doesn’t seem to be engaged in?  Maybe, but it’s a low-cost way to by word of mouth, promote your practice and find out. These are sold in bags of fifty for $39.99. If one of those screened patients sends another person to your practice, you likely will not just get a new oral cancer screening request, but perhaps a new patient who is interested in a doctor that is about more than cosmetics or fillings. That’s what we all want from our doctors.