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OCF About Us Brochure

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Spread the word about OCF!

This is an 8-panel folded brochure that describes the Oral Cancer Foundation and what its core missions are. Since this printing in 2019, OCF’s initiatives have expanded greatly and in 2022, the brochure will be updated with information about our new initiatives. Our relationship with the Vitamix corporation to provide free blenders to patients that have a lifelong dependency on PEG tube feeding and a financial disparity that qualifies them for the program is one of those. It will also cover our anti-tobacco efforts in rural America through the rodeo environment and our team of professional riders who besides raising awareness while competing in the arena, work with young children to spread the message “be smart, don’t start.” It will also cover the areas in research that we have recently funded. Until that one is printed this brochure is free to people that want to educate others about the existence of the Oral Cancer Foundation and the work we do. We use them at fundraisers, and other events where the attendees might not be familiar with our work such as trade shows and more. These are provided at no charge when we understand where you might wish to use them.