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The Oral Cancer Foundation

OCF Canvas Patient Bag

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The Oral Cancer Foundation Patient Bag is the perfect way to get all your stuff to your appointments and around town. This is fabricated out of extra heavy cotton canvas, not like some of the flimsy shopping bags you find at grocery stores, two tone blue and natural canvas. It is made in the US from cotton grown on US farms for those that are concerned about supporting our local businesses. This was designed and fabricated just for us, not bulk bought from China. It you can fit it in the bag, it will hold it, and yes that means your grandfather's 90 pound anvil as well. It has hand carry straps that were designed to also be long enough to be slung over your shoulder (scroll through images). One side printed with OFC's mascot dog "survivor" and the famous Mark Twain Quote, the other side blank.

If you've ever had to hang out in a chemotherapy room, or wait for appointments at a major cancer center, you know you need your stuff with you. Books, the essential bottled water (yup, for that terrible dry mouth that comes with treatments). Your electronics to listen to some tunes to take your mind off of things, and even some snacks...even if it is only a bottle of Ensure and a banana. Reading glasses for us old folks, the Sunday crossword you are still struggling to solve. Mouth moisturizer spray, keys, notebooks for taking notes on that days discussion with your care provider, and you know this list goes on. There's room on top for a jacket or blanket if you get cold during treatment. When not in use, it folds up into a small size for storage or trips to the grocery store. (Where its use will save a tree or prevent more plastic bags from filling up our landfill and still be around centuries from now polluting the environment).

You need this as part of your treatment arrmamentarium! And when that treatment experience is behind you, it will give you many years of good service, grocery shopping, camping, and the day at the beach....all the things that will be in your new cancer free life, when treatments and hospitals are in your rearview mirror!

Shipping is included in the price for all US customers. If you are outside of the US and would like to place an order, please contact the foundation via email for shipping costs at Thank you!

(Note: I'm Brian, OCF's founder. This is the first product that OCF ever made. I used it during treatments, and at the time of writing this current copy for it here in the store, I am 21 years out of treatment. I still have my original OCF patient carry bag. I still take it to Trader Joes, when I'm on a plane or car traveling, it is still part of my every trip, as I carry my many supplies to deal with eating through a PEG tube and blending everything with a Vitamix. When shopping for food to eat in a strange town to blend in the hotel room, I'm not struggling to get it all around. Its gotten harsh treatment and has survived untold insults and trips in the washing machine. It looks the same today as the day that I first used it. as it was the prototype to make the rest of the bags from. That treatment experience is burned into me...literally. Its part of what defines me. I realize that, not with a desire to forget it, or move on from it, eliminating anything that reminds me of it, as this bag does. But with a feeling of pride of how that journey changed me for the better in many ways. I hope those of you that buy this or another OCF product will long after treatments are over, feel similar, when you see something that reminds you of your journey.)