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Patient Education Brochure

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This is a general knowledge, 8 panel folded brochure, ideal for professional dental, ENT, and general medical office waiting rooms, or to be handed out by RDH staff at a dental practice. It covers the basic facts about oral cancers, risk factors for getting them, and the importance of opportunistic screening at least annually.  The foundation uses these at our screening events in a public setting, and at other events such as our walk/run events.

An informed public is a public that can avoid risk factors and knows to return to your practice at regular intervals for oral cancer screenings, which unlike many other things, getting done regularly is a non-negotiable reason to return to your practice. These do not cover HPV issues and vaccination to prevent those mostly oropharyngeal cancers which will be a stand-alone brochure we will have available in 2022.A package of 100 is $40.00 and larger numbers purchased at 250 and 500 quantities have significant discounts.