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Time Pirate: The Reaper's Nemesis - Survivor T-Shirt

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Battling oral cancer is not for the faint of heart. When OCF’s founder had multiple cancer issues that kept recurring in his life, one of his doctors started calling him the Time Pirate, always stealing more time when cancer had other ideas. The name and the attitude to persevere say what so many oral cancer patient feel. The saying under the skull, invictus maneo is Latin, which means “I remain unvanquished.“ A feeling which any survivor can relate to given all the treatment battles thrown at patients, and they emerge from the process free from cancer, finished with the brutal treatments, unvanquished.

Show your strength and attitude with our "Time Pirate" shirt, and tell the reaper and the world that it's not your time. You have a lot more living to enjoy.

Graphic is featured on the back. Available in Black or OC Burgundy